Our plasticware product campaign includes:

  • technical documentation development for transfer mould production including design documents (drawings, 3D-models);
  • raw material purchasing;
  • transfer mould production;
  • plastic products moulding;
  • delivery of manufactured goods to the customer;
  • warranty and post-warranty maintenance of the transfer mould.

About Us

Raketa is among Ukraine's leading companies manufacturing plastic injection moulding and making relevant production tooling such as moulds.

We are proud:

  • of over 20 years successfully operating in the Ukrainian market;
  • to have a fleet of modern imported equipment;
  • to make our products out of high-quality certified raw materials;
  • to provide to our Customer a full service from mould construction to end product serial manufacturing;
  • a well-known companies are trust and cooperate with us on a regular basis:
    ПАО «АвтоЗАЗ» ТМ «ISTA» «НиК Электроника»
    ТМ «УкрПакЛайн» ООО ПП «Агро-Союз»

One can hardly think of modern world that does not use any plastic materials. That is why year by year we keep increasing our production capacity, using new varieties of raw materials and updating our fleet of capital and support equipment to meet the high standards of plastic product modern market targeting both business and private Customers.

We are working in the next directions: