Moulds for Plastic Injection

Injection-moulding production of plastic goods can't work without its own production base, maintenance and repair services of industrial equipment - injection moulds.

This makes it possible to provide a complete product of the manufacture of injection moulds, moulding products, associated with maintenance and repair injection moulds, which during the operation inevitably wear and out of order.

Our workshop for making production tooling also successfully operates as an independent production unit.

We produce:

  • moulds for injection moulding machine;
  • industrial equipment for vacuum forming;
  • press-tools and forging dies;
  • electrodes for electroerosive machines;
  • other types of varying configuration moulding tools.

МWe provide a variety of processing for the following items: parts, pills, nodes, forgings, electrodes, matrices, punches.

Type of processing Size of installed part
programmed milling, multi-axis boring 900×500 mm
circular grinding processing Ø50×250 mm
flat grinding processing complex turning 600×300 mm
complex turning Ø250 mm
turning processing with computer numerical control Ø300 mm
electroerosive machining 400×200 mm
blank preparation (universal milling, saw) -

To produce a mould our experts need but a sample of the product or, if available, it's drawing or 3D model.

Equipment for production of process tooling

The production tooling workshop runs AMM1100, FIRST-MCV1000 high-speed machining centres and AMM550CNC electroerosive machine group, and following a solid and reliable equipment:

  • coordinate - boring machine group;
  • Turning group of machine tools;
  • universal group of machines;
  • grinding machine group.


After a full production cycle each part injection mold is being tested by the technical control (Quality Department). The validation process is performed independent measurement of parts for compliance with the drawing size and requirements of the customer.

Intricate parts such as matrix, punch, clips, signs, pass an interim control by matching the size of the drawing and requirements. Only after that is assembled of injection molds and set it on the injection molding machine for testing and obtaining a control samples of products.

We guarantee high quality and durability of injection mold of our manufacturing. With proper use of forms, regular maintenance service and timely repair is provided 1,000,000 clamping in injection molding machine. Upon expiration of such lifetime form is subject to overhaul by our experts and can then be used again.